Taxiway Project 2020



UPDATE: The runway closure will begin on May 4, 2020. The projected reopening will be on or around May 22, 2020. 

Good afternoon, aviators!

You may have heard about the taxiway project that was approved here at KBJJ. This is exciting and substantiated news!

Construction will begin during the first part of April 2020 and will be done in three phases. 
Phase I will be 21 calendar days. During this phase, the demolition of the existing taxiway will happen. It is important to note that THE RUNWAY WILL BE CLOSED FOR 21 DAYS. 
Phase II will be 85 calendar days. During this phase, construction will begin on the parallel taxiway and the connector taxiways. 
Phase III will be 14 calendar days. During this phase, Taxiway C will be constructed and THE RUNWAY WILL BE CLOSED FOR 3 DAYS. 

We do not know the exact dates of the closures, but will pass along any information as it becomes available. 

Please give us a call, drop us a line, or stop by if you have any questions or concerns. Your safety is important to us. 

Amanda McGee
Airport Manager
Wayne County Airport 
6020 N. Honeytown Rd.
Smithville, OH 44677