2020 Airport of the Year

Congratulations to the entire Wayne County Airport team on their 2020 Airport of the Year award presented by the Ohio Aviation Association.

The Wayne County Airport is leading in the aircraft refueling industry by it's high standards in fuel quality and fuel equipment maintenance. They have also incorporated cost saving ideas into practice. Fuel reclaim tanks were installed to save over $4k per year and they have influenced companies to develop programs such as directly sourcing materials to airports instead of using third parties saving $70k per year, as well as cultivating hangar door maintenance programs. In doing so, the Wayne County Airport has been able to pass those savings onto the general aviation community as well as supporting local businesses.

Furthermore, the Wayne County Airport has played a pivotal role in community involvement by hosting the Experimental Aircraft Association's (EAA) Ford Tri-Motor, the Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team training (FAAST), and organizing several fly-ins at the airport. Because of these events, the Wayne County Airport has brought more awareness and business to the Ohio GA community, provided safety training to pilots and brought networking opportunities to aviators. By being fair and consistent, the Wayne County Airport is the go-to airport for world-class customer service. 

Finally, the Wayne County Airport has secured $5.2mil in federal, state and local funding to construct a full length parallel taxiway that was completed at the end of 2020. The new taxiway will provides safety and convenience to the Ohio GA community because it spans the entire length of the runway, it is the appropriate distance from the runway centerline, and it is able to endure larger aircraft. This improvement has started to attract more business to the local economy and is much safer for the Ohio general aviation community.

This award was made possible by having the support of the Wayne County Commissioners, general aviation community, and organizations like the OAA. 

Congratulations, team!